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An Insight Into The BMW 5 Series Car

The BMW 5 Series first launched way back in 1972, and it is now well into its seventh generation. In that time, the 5 Series has attracted a lot of acclaim, and it remains a hugely-popular vehicle, having been named as the Executive Car Of The Year for the past three years. But what is it that makes the BMW 5 Series such a beloved range, and one of our best-selling brands here at Solo Cars? Let’s take a closer look.

The Initial Benefits

First and foremost, this is a BMW car, which means that the 5 Series comes with an air of prestige and class that enhances the value of both the vehicle and of the person driving the car. This is a nice feeling to have, and it makes for a great model to show off as a result. Secondly, we have the varieties of body style for this range, which currently include sedan/saloon, wagon/estate and long wheelbase saloon, with plans in place for a plug-in hybrid to be released in the future; this ensures that any motorists looking to purchase a 5 Series can pick the style most suited to their needs and preferences.

The Driving Experience

Then we come to the most important aspect of any car, the actual driving experience. The BMW 5 Series is a high-performance motor that has slick handling, easy management of core controls and minimal noise during journeys. To make travelling in this car even smoother, there is the option for an additional Variable Damper Control (VDC) which allows you to have even greater comfort when you are behind the wheel of the 5 Series, especially if you are on longer drives over motorways where you would be driving at high speeds yet being able to relax as if you were simply strolling down a 20 mile-per-hour street.

Plenty Of Space

The other key reasons for the BMW 5 Series to receive such high praise concerns the wealth of space offered by the various different body styles available for the range. There is plenty of room at the front for legroom and headroom, along with significantly-sized doors and a large glovebox, and it is similar for passengers in the back, where there is legroom that covers travellers of all heights and sizes, as well as there also being spacious doors at the rear of the vehicle. Throw in the generously-big boot to ensure that you can fit in anything that you would need for a multi-day trip, and you can see why so many people favour the 5 Series if they are looking for a car that has a lot of room.

As you can see, the BMW 5 Series ticks a lot of boxes and does so with style, which goes a long way towards offering evidence as to why this is such a popular range with drivers of all backgrounds and requirements. Find out about our stock of deals for the BMW 5 Series here at Solo Cars by going to